Authentic creating

Lately I’ve painted some crummy paintings. I felt a little frustrated with it but decided to instead look for things that I do like within the painting.

That has been incredibly helpful. These paintings are from the second day of working on them and while I don’t love them yet I do love certain parts of them.

The colors feel pleasing for the most part and I like the paint application in parts. It felt good to paint them.

I really get into the zone when I paint abstractly which is exactly the way I want to be. I watched this video last night and it really spoke to me. Art certainly shouldn’t cause stress and anxiety which at times I will admit that it has. Art making for me needs to feel good.

I think that we can learn something from everything we make even if in the end it isn’t quite what we had hoped it would be. And we may even end up loving it more.

Is art making stressful for you? Do you feel you create from an authentic place?