Being You


It’s a strange thing keeping a blog. The worries of saying too much. Not saying enough. Is anyone reading? What do you write about? Maybe people don’t care so much with all the things swirling around the web. It can be hard to keep up. To take it all in and remain level headed.

Lately I’ve been head over heels with my knitting. Elizabeth Zimmerman books (I’m eyeing this dvd), socks, knit alongs, scarves, shawls and knitting podcasts. I’m starting a knitting/fiber arts group at the library in the fall. The one that used to exist there I was unable to get to. The kids were much smaller and it just didn’t work into my schedule. I’m not sure what happened to the group but a few years ago it stopped meeting. I love the community aspect of knitting among many other things of course.

I haven’t painted in about a week or so and I want to get back to it. My love for abstract painting is growing stronger and I will pull out my abstract sketchbook very soon. School is wrapping up next week and the days will slow down a bit so there will be more time to start the day slowly.

In the past I would feel conflicted about wanting to paint and wanting to do fiber arts. It really isn’t a surprise that I love them both considering that is exactly what I studied in school. Painting textile designs with gouache and learning how to weave. Drawing nature studies with charcoal and using a knitting machine (not fun). So it’s all related.

I’m no longer going to deem it as a bad thing to love both and will follow the energy where it leads me. Maybe this makes me an amateur. Maybe I’m a pro am. I don’t know. And I don’t know where it will lead but I don’t even think that really matters.

So if you love only one creative expression and you are in it fully that is great but if you’re consumed by many like me it’s okay. It’s okay to be you. Come to think of it there are more than just knitting and painting that I’m interested in. :)