Summer so far

Color everywhere. Summer is in full swing. How can it possibly be July already?

Our yard is sunnier as we are having two trees taken down this week. One is already down. A locust. You can spy it in the orchid photo. The other is a maple that is dying. I’m hoping to do a little garden next year now that we will have more direct light available. Veggies I think. I’m excited to think of the possibilities. I will miss the shade but it was time for them to go. The neighbor was having two dead ash trees taken down and we decided it was finally time to let our trees go too. They were both about 60+ years old and overhanging the house. When storms would come up there was always the concern of parts breaking and falling on the house.


My orchids are all blooming. I only have 3 but still it’s exciting.


I cut my knitting! On purpose! The socks you see were knit cuff to heel in a tube and then I cut in the knitting to insert an afterthought heel. It wasn’t hard or scary at all. It was actually pretty fun.


I’ve signed up for Misty Mawn’s new class that starts on July 12.

How’s summer (or winter) going where you are?