Process vs. Product


Do you find yourself making things to get the finished product or are you more drawn to gathering your materials and inspiration and slowly working?

Of course there is no right or wrong way. I think I am somewhere leaning more to the process of creating instead of getting the finished item. Of course I want that finished something but I really enjoy the learning and experimenting that goes along with the process. If I’m going to knit something I really love looking for a pattern, deciding on a yarn and a color and sitting with it and letting the rhythm of the stitches work its magic.

This idea has been on my mind having just finished Mindful Thoughts for Makers by Ellie Beck. It’s a tiny but beautifully written book. From the book: “Process-led making is where we focus intently on the work in our hands, and the enjoyment comes from the physical act of making something, without forward thinking too much about what that ‘something’ might look like. “ It can hard to put aside our ideas of what we are making should look like. We can beat ourselves up if the painting didn’t turn out or the embroidery is a bit wonky. That of course can steal the enjoyment of making. She emphasizes making for makings sake. I think that is such a good way to approach making. It’s being kinder to ourselves and remembering the reason we are making something to begin with.

I hope that you take a minute to think about this the next time you start something. And please check out Ellie Beck and her sweet new book. It’s filled with lots of wisdom. I have a couple of her e-courses and she has a very lovely, soothing voice.