Lovely Things


It’s been awhile since I’ve done a ‘Lovely Things’ post and I have a few to tell you about.

*Knitting Nellie not only knits beautiful projects but she makes the nicest pieced project bags. She has a small shop and it seems it is hard to snag one of them but I’m hoping to get one soon.

*The Snuggles Project is an exclusive project of Hugs for Homeless Animals providing security blankets to shelter animals. I love doing something good with my crafting. I have one blanket just about done and will be making another one. My mom is also making a couple of blankets and we will donate them soon. I’m sure they have a place that will take your Snuggles if you’re interested.

*Have you ever wanted to create art just for the therapeutic benefits? I have and do. I signed up for a new class taught by Alisa Burke called Journal it Out. If you want to express what is going on inside of you through art it could be for you. Class starts on 9/23 and it is on sale at a very affordable price right now.

*Roots and Refuge Farm has a YouTube channel filled with awesome gardening advice like this one that teaches you how to grow salad greens in the winter.

*I’ve started listening to Tara Brach in the morning. It’s a gentle start to the day. I really enjoyed this one.

*This talk with Marie Forleo was great.

*Do you like homemade tomato sauce? I LOVE it and after watching her make it I feel like I could make my own. She has lots of good looking recipes to try too.

Enjoy the rest of the week.