Today began with clouds and a dark sky. My children were asleep and I knew in just a short time they would wake feeling excited and nervous for the start of the school year.

They were off without a hitch. The house is entirely too quiet and the dog and cat are keeping me company. Mostly in the way of begging for snacks and pets. :)

While I’m sad to say goodbye to summer I’m so excited for the fall. The cooler weather, leaves changing, cozy nights with my knitting and crochet and all the fall inspired food.

With the change of the calendar so many ideas are brewing in my head. Ideas for a sketchbook that is created around a particular color, carving stamps, exploring the acrylic inks that I recently purchased, finishing up my cardigan that I started nearly a year ago, deciding on a new sweater pattern (lots of cozy sweaters please), continuing to do the exercises for All Shapes and Sizes Watercolor workshop, embroidery and I’m sure there are a few things I’m forgetting.

I hope your month is off to good start with lots of time for creating!

I’ll be back soon to share some of my latest makes.