Lovely Things


I’m really enjoying sharing fun, lovely things here. The above painting was done a very long time ago.

*I made this cake over the weekend and it is delicious! If you go strawberry picking and are looking for a way to use some of them up I highly recommend this cake. I didn’t use freshly picked strawberries so I can only imagine how good it would be with them. I’m sure you could try different fruit too.

*I started watching this on Netflix and I’m really enjoying it. I rarely stayed up for the Late Show but I like the mix of guests he has had on so far and that I’ve watched.

*Do you know of Arne and Carlos? They are designers, textile artists and authors. They have a YouTube Channel as well. Here they are teaching how to make a granny square scarf. They have lots of other great videos to check out as well. I enjoy watching them.

Lovely Things

I’m inspired by Misty Mawn sharing 3 things daily on her site. 3 things that are bringing her happiness in one way or another. I want to do that here although not daily and not necessarily only 3.

*The sky. Yesterday was a dreamy day. 70 degrees Fahrenheit, lots of blue sky and big fluffy clouds. There was a slight breeze. In other words a perfect spring day. I found myself getting lost in movement of the clouds. They are very relaxing to watch.

*This movie on Netflix. I found it so fascinating. I hope you give it a watch.

I fell in love with Henry Isaacs on Instagram. His landscapes are just amazing. I love his use of color and texture and how he simplifies and abstracts the scene. I bought his book and I’m really enjoying reading about his life.

I recently picked up these art books at a used bookstore for $3 total! So many good things to be found in used bookstores.